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Business Observer Friday, Mar. 15, 2019 4 months ago

Several cities on Florida’s west coast named to list of top places for retirees

A SmartAsset study names Naples as the No. 1 place to retire in Florida.

Everyone knows Florida has its fair share of retirees.

But are some cities in the state better than others for retirees to call home? A new SmartAsset study looks to answer that question, ranking the best places to retire in the Sunshine State.

The west coast of Florida is a big winner on the list, claiming five of the spots in the top 10.

The study examined factors including tax rates; the quantity of venues important to retirees: the number of doctors’ offices; recreation centers; and retirement centers. It also looked at the actual number of seniors living in the area as a percentage of the population.

No. 1 on the ranking is a known hot spot for the rich and retired: Naples. Here 51.5% of the population is seniors and there are 28.1 doctors’ offices per 1,000 people. For its attributes, the city earned a score of 100 on the best places to retire index.

New Port Richey came in at No. 2, with the percentage of seniors living in the city dropping to 25.5%. The list of the top 10 cities was rounded out by Venice at No. 8, Sarasota at No. 9 and Sun City Center at No. 10. Sun City Center in Hillsborough County has the distinction of the largest percentage of seniors among the top 10, with 73.7%.   


City        Percent of seniors       Index     

Naples                     51.5%            100 

New Port Richey     25.5%         64.13

Orange Park            21.7%         62.27

Brooksville             27.5%         59.81

Inverness                39.8%         58.97

Vero Beach             27.3%         57.15

Stuart                      25.8%         56.68

Venice                     61.1%         56.27

Sarasota                  26.5%         53.60

Sun City Center      73.7%         50.37

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