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State College of Florida Coding Academy is Open

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  • | 4:10 p.m. January 30, 2023
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Technology affects almost every aspect of 21st century life and it is ever evolving.  Making sure your skill sets and/or the skill sets of your employees are developed enough to keep up with technologies evolution has become imperative to staying on top.

State College of Florida realized this need for technology education and opened the SCF Coding Academy to meet these needs.  The SCF goal is to ensure that anyone can start a career or enhance their technical skills in a practical period of time.  

Local industry leaders are encouraged to partner with the SCF Coding Academy to invest in their employees.  Companies can recruit and retain highly skilled workers by building the skills and knowledge of their employees. This allows employers to be more competitive in the industry and provide quality products and services for their customers.

The SCF Coding Academy is a premier training facility located at SCF Bradenton inside the 26 West Center for Advanced Technology and Innovation. This high-tech facility offers hands-on programs that help highly motivated learners become better skilled. 

The SCF Coding Academy offers 24-week Cybersecurity and Software Engineering Bootcamps committed to providing a high-quality education and hands-on training that will help those who want to, and in a lot of cases, need to hone their technical skills.

The Coding Academy also helps students earn industry recognized certifications which enhance resumes and showcase their technology skills.

The SCF Coding Academy also offers engaging STEM programs afterschool and during school breaks for 2nd - 12th graders. These programs are designed to introduce young students to the world of technology and to get them interested in pursuing a career in the field.

 The programs cover a range of topics, including coding, robotics, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, and drones. Courses are taught by experienced instructors who are passionate about kids and technology.

Funding options for bootcamps, industry certifications, and STEM programs are available through scholarships and payment plans. Scholarships are available to those who meet certain criteria and can help make the programs more affordable. Payment plans are also available, which allow students to spread the cost of the program over several months.

For more information on the SCF Coding Academy and its programs, contact Director, Desh Bagley, at (941) 752-5160 or email [email protected]


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