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Business Observer Thursday, Sep. 10, 2020 10 months ago

Beach resort gets creative to boost sales amid pandemic slowdown

Tradewinds Island Grand Resort, in St. Pete Beach, has cooked up a special program for homebound workers and students.

The leadership of TradeWinds Island Grand Resort in St. Pete Beach isn't sitting around waiting for a coronavirus vaccine to return tourism to its pre-pandemic levels. In a classic “take the bull by the horns” move, the popular resort has created two new “remote retreat” programs designed to lure people out of their homes to a beach getaway. 

Courtesy. Tradewinds Island Resorts Managing Director Bob LaCasse.

The first, dubbed “Work from Paradise,” offers reduced room rates, Monday through Friday, for homebound workers who need a change of scenery. According to a press release, Tradewinds has reconfigured its meeting spaces into work lounges filled with socially distanced workspaces, while the resort’s Wi-Fi has been upgraded to provide strong, reliable access for remote workers. Tradewinds’ on-site IT staff will be available to assist with any technical difficulties. 

The other program, “Learn from Paradise,” throws a bone to beleaguered parents who’ve been struggling to facilitate their kids’ online learning. Tradewinds, the release states, has created a learning lounge and hired onsite e-learning coaches who can help students with online classes and homework from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. every day, at no extra cost. Socially distanced workstations for students will be available from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily, and optional physical education and art classes will be offered, as will a special lunch menu.

Courtesy. TradeWinds Island Grand Resort in St. Pete Beach has launched campaigns designed to appeal to homebound workers and students.

“With these new remote retreat programs, our goal is to make things a little less challenging and a little more rewarding for both students and parents during these difficult times,” Tradewinds Island Resorts Managing Director Bob LaCasse states in the release. “We’ve put together some great services, amenities and extras to provide a welcome respite for those who continue to work or learn from home, and an environment that is more fun and productive for everyone.”

The Work from Paradise and Learn from Paradise promotions went into effect Sept. 8 and run through Oct. 30. Room rates are $175, not including fees and taxes, per night for a standard room. 

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