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The merging of restaurants and technology with Chon Nguyen

  • June 27, 2024
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This week, we speak with Chon Nguyen, partner with The Proper House, a multi-unit Tampa Bay area hospitality company with brands that include the Rooster & the Till, Gallito Taqueria and the Nebraska Mini Mart. Chon also founded an IT services company, Newgentek, that's behind Fusionprep, a kitchen recipe software program for multi-unit restaurants.

Together, we talk about how — and why — Chon balances running business in two industries, the lessons Chon has learned in adapting to customer needs and what he looks for in employees and leaders.

3 Takeaways
  1. (08:00) If you are growing your business, treat your processes like you are larger than you are
  2. (13:30) You don’t have to go ‘all in’ if your product is outstanding
  3. (20:40) Treat your team members with the same level of hospitality as you would treat customers


(00:00) Introducing Chon Nguyen, serial entrepreneur
(03:30) Chon’s entrepreneurial beginnings
(05:40) Starting in IT
(07:35) Excellent customer service, learning from books & listening to podcasts
(11:20) Getting in the restaurant business
(15:45) Challenges in entrepreneurship and diversifying
(19:00) Characteristics of good leaders
(21:00) Mistakes/failures
(23:15) The value of Vistage
(25:40) What's coming up for The Proper House?
(26:50) Rapid fire questions

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