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Behind the scenes of a 40-year career in jewelry design with Mark Loren

  • June 6, 2024
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This week, we speak with Mark Loren, founder of Mark Loren Designs. Mark is a goldsmith, silversmith, and platinumsmith who started his gallery in Fort Myers almost 40 years ago.

Together, we talk about managing the waves of economic downturn, Mark’s best leadership advice, and competing with national brands. We also discuss lab grown diamonds and the impact they have on the industry.

3 Takeaways
  1. (07:30) Being nimble might be the key to surviving an economic downturn
  2. (08:00) Become friendly with your local banker
  3. (11:20) Good leaders rise to the top


(00:00) Subscribe to the Business Observer
(00:30) Introducing Mark Loren, Founder of Mark Loren Designs
(02:30) Getting started in Ft. Myers and tipping points over the last 40 years
(04:40) Best parts of being an entrepreneur
(06:20) How did you get through the difficult economic times?
(09:40) How do you compete with national brands?
(11:10) Characteristics of a good leader
(13:10) Leadership advice
(14:30) Balancing clients expectations with artistic style
(16:00) Lab Grown Diamond Industry Update
(20:45) Changing dynamics of the diamond industry
(21:40) Advice for young entrepreneurs
(22:30) What is coming up for Mark Loren Designs in 2024?
(23:30) Rapid Fire Questions

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