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Beating back anxiety and depression with real estate executive Michael Davis

  • July 11, 2024
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Michael Davis helped build TerraCap Management into one of the largest commercial real estate fund management companies in Southwest Florida, where he sourced, evaluated and acquired more than $1.3 billion in real estate transactions and partnerships. In 2021, however, he faced something of an identity crisis mixed with what he called self-doubt, depression and anxiety. He overcame that and in 2023 he bought a real estate brokerage, Worthington Realty.

Together, Business Observer Managing Editor Mark Gordon and Michael talk about the go-go early days of his career and how he guided the business. They also spoke about Michael’s major life transformation — which remains ongoing — in response to his depression and anxiety. It involves music, walking — lots of walking — and more.

3 Takeaways
  1. (13:00) Movement and momentum are powerful
  2. (18:50) There is more than one way to compete
  3. (23:00) Be yourself, all other positions are taken


(00:00) Subscribe to the Business Observer!
(00:33) Introducing Michael Davis, President of Worthington Realty
(07:00) Michael’s life transformation and stepping away from Terracap
(12:30) Going on a life changing walk
(14:10) Books that made an impact
(16:45) The path to Worthington Realty
(21:00) What makes a great company culture?
(22:45) Leadership lessons
(25:15) Rapid fire questions

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