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Shawn Osborne, 35

Shawn Osborne, 35

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  • | 5:00 a.m. October 14, 2022
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The story of Shawn Osborne’s success has hard work as its theme.

As he puts it: “I’m not sitting on my butt waiting for someone to walk through the door.”

Instead he’s out in the community, supporting the Manatee County Chamber of Commerce, the county’s Young Professionals organization and his daughter’s softball teams — all four of Aubrey, McKenzie, Sadie and Carly are playing this year. “They’re my motivation,” he explains — and they're his passengers every morning on the way to school.

His investment in the area has paid off at his job on the sales team at Nissan of Bradenton, where he’s been the top monthly performer five times in the past two years, including in August.

Other keys for Osborne include a good work ethic — “I’m passionate; I take pride in what I do,” he says — and great mentorship from Billy Buechel, the dealership’s general manager.

“Shawn is a natural leader,” Buechel says of Osborne. He’s also a member of the dealership’s Growers Club, designed to develop leadership abilities in promising employees.

If you’d like to buy a car from Shawn, you can find him at the dealership most days starting at 8 a.m. Although he may be on the phone — he says he makes about 20 calls a day to follow up with customers — he’d be happy to speak with you, and enjoys meeting anyone new. Just be sure to catch him before the start of softball practice.


City of residence: Bradenton

Employer: Nissan Of Bradenton

Title: Sales and leasing consultant

Birthplace: Akron, Ohio

Years in the area: 10

Marital status/children: Married to Kylie Osborn/four daughters: Aubrey, Mackenzie, Sadie Karlie

Alma mater/degree: Seminole Community College/vocational certificate for graduating from the police academy

What community group or organization are you most involved with? Miss Palma Sola Softball board member, Manatee Young Professionals, Manatee Chamber of Commerce

Are you working from the company office, home office or hybrid? Office (dealership)

What's the weirdest job you've ever had? Or the weirdest task you've ever been assigned? Being the Wingman to the Pittsburgh Pirates Baseball team mascot Pirate Parrot during spring training here in Bradenton

What's your top tip for being productive? My tip would be having a schedule or a routine to keep you driven and focused to get things done without procrastinating.

If you could have a side hustle, what would it be? I have one — mowing lawns

What's your favorite off-hours activity? Coaching all my daughters in softball

What's the most significant item on your life bucket list — and what's keeping you from completing it? Attending a Super Bowl with the Cleveland Browns playing in it. They aren’t that good — so that’s stopping me from completing it.

What's your favorite podcast? Anything with Eric Thomas

At what percentage on your phone do you start to get Low Battery Anxiety? 30%

What are the top three apps used on your smartphone? Facebook, TikTok, Uber Eats

What's your go-to music genre, band or act to be inspired? 1990s country/Garth Brooks

Who would play you in the movie of your life? Kevin James

Where is your happy place? At the softball fields with my family.

Describe yourself in three words: Driven, energetic, funny

Who is your mentor for your career and why? Nissan Of Bradenton General Manager Billy Buechel, because he has paved a path for me to be successful by giving me opportunities to attend trainings.

What are the biggest lessons you have learned from your mentor? Some of the biggest lessons I have learned from Billy are to always do what is right for customers or anyone in general. Trusting your judgment. Also learned from him that just applying our company values in everyday life will benefit you. Our values are honest, empathy, respect, work ethic, integrity and pride. These values that he has given me has molded me into the business person I am today and has allowed me to connect with so many people and business within our community and represent our company, Nissan of Bradenton. And lastly he has taught me patience. Everything doesn’t need to come so fast in life. Your time will come to shine and prove to be a leader.


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