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Meighan Harris, 36

CEO, Bonita Springs-Estero Realtors

  • Class of 2018
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With a newly retired Navy husband and a job in a local dental practice secured via a Skype interview, Meighan Harris moved to Southwest Florida eight years ago with no idea she would undergo a career change that would take her to the top position of Bonita Springs-Estero Realtors.

The then-28-year-old had been working for two years here as a dental assistant, managing the office and selling treatment plans to patients when she knew she had make a change.

“I was working for a practice in Bonita Springs and the bookkeeper there was also part time here with the board of Realtors,” Harris says. “She asked me what I thought about being the education coordinator with the board. I didn’t have any idea what that was, but I needed a new challenge and a career change.”

She proved to be a quick study. Taking a leap of faith in 2014, she accepted the position with Bonita Springs-Estero Realtors. Three years later, she was promoted to COO before being groomed by then-CEO Christine Baulder to assume her position upon retirement.

“It’s funny how life takes you on different paths,” says Harris. “My mother died 90 days after I started working here, and I poured a lot of my heart and soul into work to change my focus. I put a lot into educating myself, and when Christine said she was going to retire and what did I think about taking on the position, I was ready.”

The organization has about 1,000 real estate agents and 200 affiliate members. 



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