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Matt Crane, 37

Commercial banking relationship manager, Regions Bank

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  • Class of 2018
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As a commercial banking relationship manager for Regions Bank in Tampa for nearly six years, Matt Crane’s key to success has been to embrace relationships and let go of the pressure for results.

Earlier in his career, he says he mistakenly tried to force his way into decisions, even going so far as to try to influence outcomes.

“But then you recognize the chain of command and realize there’s somebody who’s being paid to make those decisions, and you’re being paid to present an opportunity,” he says. “How you manage that presentation and that relationship [to your superior] is going to go a long way toward your success. It’s a waste of energy to try to make somebody’s decisions for them.”

Crane says he makes an effort every week to develop a new, quality relationship — business or personal — with someone he doesn’t know. Honing his interpersonal skills in that way helps him add and keep clients, because they feel like they have a personal, attentive advocate despite doing business with one of the largest banks in the market.

“It’s amazing how much business you can win just by being responsive,” Crane says. “People are just looking to know that they're being heard and taken care of.”

Crane’s relationship-first, “go with the flow” mindset means he doesn’t have any must-hit goals by the time he hits 40, other than starting a family. And he’s OK with that.

“From a professional standpoint," he says, "I just work really hard at doing the best I can for my clients and then letting whatever else is going to happen shake out internally. I would rather swim downstream, being able and ready to take opportunities as they come, rather than swimming upstream and trying to force things.”



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