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Brittany Lamont, 30

Vice president, Greater Sarasota Chamber of Commerce

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Brittany Lamont knew she wanted to do something in business from a young age, going back to watching her mom, a successful saleswoman, outwork and outhustle the competition.

What she didn’t expect was to find her passion for one workplace so quickly: the Greater Sarasota Chamber of Commerce. From an internship in 2012 to a pair of promotions, Lamont is now vice president of the chamber, second-in-command to the CEO. “I basically grew up in the chamber,” she says.

That means a combination of internal and external work. On the external, Lamont is one of the public faces of the chamber, shuttling between events and constantly networking. On the inside, she was a key player on a team that recently overhauled the chamber’s model to a tiered system of dues, a complicated project she calls one of her proudest work moments at the chamber. “We single-handedly changed the way we operate,” she says. “This touches so many things we do.”  

Lamont says one of her biggest challenges in her career has been to slow down, enjoy more moments and not put so much pressure on herself. Having a baby two years ago with her husband, David Lamont, added a new element of that challenge. Like many other young working parents, Lamont has adjusted and, like many, getting it down is a work-in-progress. “I struggle with work-life balance,” she says. “Sometimes my passion gets in my way.”

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