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New York and Chicago top feeder markets for Florida West Coast

Florida, thanks to cities on the Gulf Coast, is the No. 1 destination for movers in the U.S.

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Sarasota and Tampa are among the top destinations in the country for new residents moving to sunnier climates, according to a new report from Zillow and Allied Van Lines. 

Florida leads the country as the place where the highest number of people moved to in 2021, the report found, followed by Texas and California. Florida’s top ranking came in large part because of Sarasota and Tampa, which both ranked among the top five cities people moved to.

Sarasota was No. 3 and Tampa No. 5. Both saw the biggest influx of new residents coming from New York.

Allied, overall, had 5,684 moves to Florida, 4,739 to Texas and 3,253 to California.

The study, which looked at moves by Allied and home value data from Zillow, found those relocating moved to ZIP codes where houses cost, on average, about $35,800 less than where they lived before. This, according to a press release, continues a pattern that began in 2020, during the pandemic, when people moved to less expensive areas. Homes in the ZIP codes people moved to in that time frame were on average $29,500 less their previous location. 

Before the pandemic, people tended to move to ZIP codes with very similar average prices, according to Zillow.



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