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Two for 2022: CEO priorities

A look at two key themes for business owners going into the new year.

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  • | 12:00 p.m. January 6, 2022
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The past 21 months have brought about an evolution in the business landscape, with business owners embracing new ways of working to meet changing needs. As we look ahead to the coming year, here are two key trends leaders should embrace:


1. Digital transformation.

With the continued shift to remote work, business owners are wise to embrace new ways of working to attract prospects and retain clients. 

• Marketing and sales: If you haven’t already adopted 1:1 personalized video with Loom, Vidyard or BombBomb in your sales process, now is the time. Sales enablement tools such as Salesreach.IO, Seismic or ShowPad Content can be very cost-effective platforms to target and nurture prospects, without coming across as impersonal or robotic.  

• Client service: Consistent communication and finding ways to provide customers with immediate support options will be essential to customer retention. 

• Operations: Project management software and messaging apps improve organization and can help clarify areas of focus. These tools also add a necessary level of transparency, automation and consistency. The ability to create project plans, assign tasks and priorities and collaborate on a highly visible forum decreases delays and confusion. Everyone is more readily aligned on what needs to be done and is clear on their individual roles in driving projects to completion.

2. Employee Wellbeing

We’ve seen the recruiting and retaining difficulties that companies face amid The Great Resignation. Now more than ever, employees demand a top-notch employee experience, taking the form of talent development and people policies.

Companies hoping to attract and keep top talent need to have strong learning and development programs in place. Identify various career paths and develop training programs that will help employees advance. Empower employees by helping them learn the skills they need to do their current jobs and advance to higher positions down the road. Set up mentoring and coaching programs for employees to learn the managerial skills and leadership techniques needed to successfully lead a team in the future.

Leaders must also recognize the importance of the holistic employee experience. Changes in routines and business models, along with pandemic-related stress, have led to COVID-19 fatigue among workforces. Employees crave a supportive work life with companies that prioritize both mental and physical health. Consider implementing unlimited paid time off, flexible work schedules, hybrid work models and generous parental leave policies. Support mindfulness in the workplace and promote physical health. Many companies are also facilitating training on key skills like empathy, and bringing light to and destigmatizing mental health challenges.

The trajectory of the future is constantly shifting. To survive and thrive, business owners must have a pulse on the evolving environment. Embracing digital transformation and improved employee wellbeing programs are two key ways that leaders can lean into the change and adapt for what’s to come.




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