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Hey Joe: Take your mandate and shove it

The president’s mandate to require businesses with more than 100 employees to be vaccinated is a farce, hypocritical and destructive — just another day of Joe Biden incompetence and tyranny.

  • By Matt Walsh
  • | 8:11 a.m. September 16, 2021
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“All legislative Powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States, which shall consist of a Senate and a House of Representatives.”

— Article I. Section I.

U.S. Constitution

The above provision is the first provision in the U.S. Constitution. In fact, nowhere in the Constitution does it specify, or even hint, that the president has any power to make laws or mandate the citizens of the U.S. to do anything.

And yet, there he was last week, doddering, incompetent President Joe Biden, mandating that all businesses with 100 or more employees will be required to have all of their employees vaccinated or tested every week for COVID-19, subject to a $14,000 fine for each violation.

This is laughable for its absurdity, infuriating for its authoritarianism. For four years, we heard Trump-deranged Democrats incessantly harp on the bogus accusation that Donald Trump was a dictatorial tyrant destroying our democracy.

But as it turns out, Trump, in comparison to Biden, was nothing of the sort.

Now we see and feel who the real tyrant is and who is destroying, not democracy, but our republic. With each week Biden is in the White House, you can’t help but wonder: How much more of this embarrassing, destructive incompetence must we endure? At this rate, our democratic republic won’t make it through three more years.

Someone, please, tell us one thing Biden has done to make America better and not worse.

There can be no arguing, for instance, that the Afghanistan tragedy, debacle and surrender are the worst of the worst, the most stunning, egregious examples of incompetence of any president in the past century and a quarter.

Under normal standards, public anger and backlash would be so great that it would force Biden and the whole cabal of Biden’s top advisers to resign for the sake of the country and the U.S.’s standing in the world. They have made us the laughing stock.

And now this — a new tipping point: the vaccine mandate.

It is so farcical, hypocritical and destructive on so many levels that it makes you truly wonder: Who are the boobs who come up with this stuff? They are mad — mad for power and clueless to how destructive their fiats are to ordinary Americans.

Let’s start with the hypocrisy.

While Biden is issuing vaccine mandates for U.S. employers, the rest of us are watching his  administration allow hundreds of thousands of unvaccinated undocumented immigrants — many of them already carrying COVID-19 — pour across the U.S. southern border every day into U.S. communities. And nothing is being done to stop them. No, as Biden sees it, American employers and employees are the ones who deserve punishment, not undocumented immigrants. Outrageous. 

What’s more, there are the newly relocated Afghans. Biden already has welcomed 24,000 of the expected 50,000 Afghan refugees into the U.S. — untold numbers of them unvaccinated. They are being shipped to seven military bases, where they are being housed and fed on our tax dollars — and in the process exposing our military to who knows what that these unvetted refugees might be carrying.

The Biden administration says the U.S. government (i.e., taxpayers) will pay to have the refugees vaccinated. But what if they don’t get vaccinated, will they be fined, too?

More hypocrisy: According to Biden’s order, congressional members and their staffs and U.S. judiciary members and their staffs will be exempt from the mandate. Once again, the ruling elite are not required to live by the same laws as we peons.

That is yet another example why so many Americans despise the whole of Washington, D.C. We pay those people; they work for us. But in their minds, it’s the other way around: They are our rulers; we are their slaves.

Matt Walsh
Matt Walsh

The farce of the mandate:

Small businesses comprise 99.9% of the U.S. businesses — 37.1 million businesses. They employ 60.6 million people, 47% of private-sector employees, according to Small Business Trends. In contrast, businesses with more than 100 employees number 37,137, and they employ 68.3 million people.

So how does that make sense that roughly half of the private-sector employees will be required and coerced to be vaccinated or tested, and the other half will not? How does that selectiveness make any sense?

Or look at it this way: Employer A makes widgets and has 101 employees. A competitor, Employer B, makes similar widgets and has 99 employees. Because of the mandate, Employer A will be forced to implement new and disruptive costs, procedures, record-keeping and reporting to satisfy Biden’s mandates and bureaucrats. Employer B will not.

Because of these new regulations and costs, Employer A will become less profitable and competitive, likely losing market share to Employer B.

So although Employer A might end up with more vaccinated employees than Employer B, Employer A and A’s employees actually are being punished, forfeiting their freedom of choice and losing out economically.  Employer B, meanwhile, will prosper, and likely hire more people, all the while dealing with COVID-19 without the coercive hand of government.

That illustration is the farcical nature of government. It is always picking winners by force at the expense of others. 

To draw out the farce even more, what is the purpose of these mandated vaccines and bureaucratic testing costs? The recovery rate for COVID-19, after all, is 97% to 99.5%.

The mandate’s destructiveness:

There is nothing constructive or productive in government coercion. “Coercion destroys your freedom of choice,” the late Leonard Read said in his seminal book, “Anything That’s Peaceful.” Coercion, by its nature, is always destructive.

Although some of you might say requiring these employer vaccines will ensure well-being of our society as a whole, you are missing the larger, more significant point: What freedom will Joe Biden and the Democrats take from you next?

Our puppet-in-chief is doing exactly what his socialist string pullers want: ignoring the limits on government in the Constitution, acting as if they have unlimited powers, behaving as if they are answerable to no one, controlling more of everyone’s lives and enslaving us to them.

This is not government for the people and by the people. This is government force on the people.

Read wrote: “The idea set forth in the Declaration of Independence that each person has an inherent and inalienable right to life becomes meaningless when a person loses the authority for his own decisions and must act according to someone else’s dictates.”

Biden, how business owners interact with their employees is none of your business.

To paraphrase the Moonshine Bandits: “Take your mandate and shove it.”



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