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Business Observer Friday, Jun. 7, 2019 1 year ago

Sponsorship gives pool company presence at MLB stadium

Superior Pools of Southwest Florida has a sponsorship with CoolToday Park in North Port.

Port Charlotte-based Superior Pools of Southwest Florida recently signed a three-year contract for a sponsorship at the new Atlanta Braves spring training stadium in North Port, CoolToday Park.

Owner Jon Krawczyk says the sponsorship is about getting the Superior Pools name out into the community. “To be part of a professional baseball team like that — that’s a big deal,” he says.

The sponsorship includes a ticket window dubbed the “Superior Pools Will Call” that showcases the company’s logo. Since it’s outside the stadium, Krawczyk says it’s one of the first things visitors to the site see — good visibility for a company looking to reach more customers. “This kind of sets us apart,” he says.

Superior Pools’ sponsorship also includes another high-use area: bathrooms. In every restroom, there’s a movie-poster sized display about the company. It’s a promotion he says will help the company stay top of mind since the stadium has a Tiki bar that’s open year-round. “That’s one of the biggest reasons why we did it,” he says.

The sponsorship is valuable, Krawczyk says, because it allows the company, with $20.31 million in gross revenue in 2018, to get exposure with potential new clients. “We’re excited to be a part of it,” he says. “It’s all about traffic.”

Krawczyk says he’s big into branding and marketing, from stadium opportunities to other venues. “The pool business is very visual,” he says, and since the company works for homeowners directly, it’s important to build relationships with them.

Another way he’s working to strengthen those bonds is through a television show. In 2017, the company started working on a TV show with WWSB ABC 7 in Sarasota. They wanted it to be similar to an HGTV show, featuring companies in the home space in the area and named “Home Sweet Home.”

By 2019, after receiving good feedback, Superior Pools went out on its own with the show. This year, the company is on track to create 12 episodes. “We have gotten a lot of business from it,” Krawczyk says.

The show airs on ABC 7 in Sarasota and FTX Fox 4 in Fort Myers, plus the company’s website and YouTube channel. The show follows the company's "we don’t sell, we educate" motto. “It comes down to branding,” Krawczyk says. “It gets in their heads. When people think pools, I want them to think Superior Pools.” 

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