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Business Observer Wednesday, Jun. 16, 2010 11 years ago

WEDNESDAY'S CUP: Who's who in the 'Stimulus' book?

One of this summer's biggest guessing games will undoubtedly be who's included in “Our Stimulus Package,” a new book by Julia Silva and Kirsten Becker.

One of this summer's biggest guessing games within Tampa Bay business circles will undoubtedly be who's included in “Our Stimulus Package,” a new book by local commercial real estate brokers Julia Silva and Kirsten Becker.

The non-fiction quick read, which is already drawing comparisons to Candace Bushnell's “Sex in the City,” appears on its way to being a success for the first-time authors, who ended up with time to write in late 2008 after getting laid off and divorced, almost simultaneously. Hundreds of pre-order copies have already sold at $14.95 each, with national bookstore distribution planned this fall by Sacramento, Calif.-based 3L Publishing.

“Our Stimulus Package” is a collection of funny, raucous dating stories — some happening to the authors, others to girlfriends locally and around the country. All identities in the hard-core, soft-cover book are kept confidential, replaced by pertinent yet clever nicknames.

“We're making fun of ourselves and other women we know,” Silva (formerly Rettig) tells Coffee Talk. “It's escape and fun that anybody can afford in this economy.”

Becker adds that the book doesn't aim to make men look bad for the sake of women's entertainment, though that's how it works out by way of ungentlemanly dating antics. “Most people will be able to relate to us,” she says.

The book might not have even gone to press if not for an anonymous “angel investor” who fronted the money yet imposed strict deadlines. Silva and Becker say they will reveal his name when they get interviewed by Oprah Winfrey. (How's that for confidence!)

Now, back to the guessing game: Silva suggests that some of the folks featured in “Our Stimulus Package” are local business people who may have even appeared previously in the Business Review. Book launch parties are set for June 23 at the Tampa Museum of Art and a week later in St. Petersburg.

Will anyone featured in the book be in attendance?

“We'll never tell,” Silva says slyly.

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