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Coffee Talk
Business Observer Friday, May 12, 2017 5 years ago

Unhappy days

Forget that first-day lunch. Clarify expectations to keep new employees happy.

Unhappy employees aren't necessarily sticking it out once they've found a job. A survey of U.S. workers released by human resource firm Robert Half International includes this statistic: more than one-fourth, 28%, of workers say they would consider quitting within the first 90 days of their new job if they were unhappy.

The survey also reports on workers' specific expectations for their first day at work. It reveals that 89% of respondents say meeting with their manager to clarify expectations is important. Also high on the list of first day musts is social interaction: more than eight of 10, 83%, reported they expect formal introductions to colleagues. And 81% say they want to see their workspace properly setup and ready to be used when they arrive.

But what do new hires see as less important? Something that's more traditional — being taken to lunch on the first day of work. Only 44% of respondents say the “free lunch” is necessary.

The upshot of the report is employers should carefully consider and manage the first impressions employees form of their company. By helping them settle in quickly, employers can avoid losing new staffers early on and having to head right back out to the hiring game.

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