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Business Observer Friday, Oct. 30, 2015 6 years ago

Stuck-ups among us

One person's snob is another person's sweetie.

One person's snob is another person's sweetie.

And the Gulf Coast, according to the latest of the goofy top 10 surveys that blanket the Internet, has a 40% stronghold on snobs. That's the word from so-called regional infotainment website RoadSnacks. Not only does the Gulf Coast have 40% of the top 10, but it's got three of the top five, including Sanibel, the snobbiest, and Naples, No. 3.

Number crunchers at RoadSnacks looked at cities and towns in Florida with at least 5,000 people. Then it tracked a bucket of data, including median home prices; median household income; percent of the population with a college degree; private schools per capita; theaters per capita; and art galleries per capita. The more or higher the data, the snobbier, says the report.

This survey even begins with a handy Dr. Seuss-style poem:

Where do you think Florida snobs live the most?

What if I told you they lived on the coast?

Not in the middle and not near the swamps

They're not in the handle and not near the top.

Here are its list of the top 10 snobbiest cities:

Coral Gables
Palm Beach
Marco Island
Boca Raton
Longboat Key
Key Biscayne

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