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Coffee Talk
Business Observer Thursday, Nov. 5, 2020 1 year ago

Seeking the best and brightest — in hobbies and pastimes

Tell us about all the cool things you do outside of work.

Having stressful days, weeks, even months is nothing out of the ordinary for most entrepreneurs and executives. The pandemic, of course, has only amplified the anxiety.   

With that as a backdrop, the Business Observer wants to hear your stories of diversions: what are your hobbies, pastimes and go-to activities when you’re note working? (Yes, there’s such a thing as not working.) Throw in the pandemic: have you taken up something new — gardening was a big one early on for some nationally — to pass the time?

These stories are for a Business Observer issue in early 2021. Last year’s issue included features on a CFO who is getting into sailing; a commercial real estate executive who plays guitar in a rock band; and a nonprofit CEO who spends her off time spearfishing. Other past subjects range from an ultra marathoner to a champion chess players to a Christmas wreath maker.

We want to hear your stories or stories of people in your life. Please email Managing Editor Mark Gordon at [email protected] with your diversion and contact information. Deadline is Wednesday, Nov. 20.


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