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Business Observer Friday, Jun. 14, 2019 1 year ago

Culture book tells story of company, employees

Sarasota-based S-One Holdings Corp.’s 2019 Culture Book includes articles about team passions, intern programs, community involvement and the company’s history.

Shellie Terry, content and marketing strategist at S-One Holdings Corp., an international company based in Sarasota, had one core goal with the company’s 2019 Culture Book: to show how much "we love our company and our story.”

S-One, in digital imaging and printing, puts out a Culture Book every few years. The last one was released in 2015.

The 2019 Culture Book is part of the company’s 25th anniversary celebrations. S-One didn’t want the 48-page book to feel corporate, Terry says, but like the name suggests, wanted it to be focused on the culture of the company. “I think the thing that’s always struck me is how much of a family it is,” Terry tells Coffee Talk.

The goal was to convey that feeling in a book form that exists both as a print product and a digital edition. “I wanted to tell employee stories and a few customer stories to make it a real human-to-human storytelling experience,” she says. “It’s more than just a corporate story, it’s a people story.”

Terry, with a background in magazine editing, thought it was important to follow an often-told piece of writing advice: “Showing who we are versus telling.”

The company “showed” off its culture by including photos and articles in the 2019 Culture Book about team passions, continuing education initiatives, intern programs, community involvement and the company’s history.

Each S-One employee got a copy of the book, and they were encouraged to share it with customers. It’s also used as a recruiting tool for new employees, including younger people. “Something like this that shows all of these great experiences our young people have had makes this a valuable tool,” Terry says.

Since the company is in the printing industry, the print edition of the book serves another purpose, too. “It really showcases a lot of the cutting-edge print capabilities that are going on in the industry,” she says. “We wanted to make it more than just our story but actually aspirational for our customers, too, to think about how they can enhance their print projects.”

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