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Business Observer Friday, Jun. 21, 2019 7 months ago

Food for thought: Stats point to strength of restaurant industry

Data shows that summer slowdowns could be a thing of the past for restaurateurs who play their cards right.

As more and more people relocate from high-tax northern states to the Southeast, the region’s dining habits seem to be shifting — good news for restaurateurs, especially those in Florida who sometimes struggle during the slow summer months.

According to the results of a survey by Fourth, a Tampa-based company that specializes in hospitality operations, people in the Southeast spend more, per week, on restaurants and takeout more than residents of any other region. They also care more about dietary options, the survey shows. 

Fourth’s Truth About Dining Out survey revealed that 19% of residents and tourists in the Southeast spend between $201 and $250 per week on eating out — which includes restaurants, takeout and delivery — and 54% eat out at least two to three times per week.

People of the Southeast, it turns out, also care more about dietary options when eating out than any other region, with a 14% score, the survey reports. 

Across all regions, the survey shows Americans with an income between $50,001 and $60,000 eat out the most, at an average of 3.98 times per week.


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