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Coffee Talk
Business Observer Friday, Jul. 14, 2017 3 years ago

One Man's Trash

Bins Be Clean finds treasure in dirty garbage bins

Study after study detail the dirtiest, most germ-covered surfaces, from computer keyboards and bathroom doors to ATM buttons and cell phones.

But there's another somewhat obvious object that somehow often gets overlooked — garbage bins.

Bins Be Clean, a new area business, is setting out to tackle dirty garbage bins, one bin at a time. Owners Nate and Rather Welch began offering a monthly bin cleaning service on Anna Maria Island in September 2016. The business got its start when Nate Welch's father sought someone to clean garbage bins at his vacation rental properties on the island.

Welch tells Coffee Talk that led him to realize there is a need for the service. “It's a very new industry,” he says. “There's a lot of education in it.” He also admits: “A lot of people don't get it yet.”

He and his wife are on a mission to get people to understand the potential problems with dirty garbage bins, recycling bins and Dumpsters that go uncleaned. “Bins can harbor so many bad things,” Welch says. Things such as the common cold, E. coli and Listeria, he says. “It is a risk, and having a monthly service greatly reduces that risk,” he says.

Welch's bin-cleaning truck comes after garbage and recycling has been collected. The service — $17 a month for two bins — takes five minutes. He says the process uses two to three gallons of water for each bin.

The company's target customers, Welch says, are people who use other home services such as pool cleaning, landscaping, house cleaning and pest control. “Those are the kind of services we see ourselves lining up with,” he says.

Bins Be Clean plans to expand to west Bradenton and Lakewood Ranch this summer. Welch also has aspirations to franchise the Bins Be Clean brand and system. “The plan is to grow organically and grow with the industry,” he says.

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