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Coffee Talk
Business Observer Wednesday, May 20, 2020 1 month ago

Nurse creates app to help with home health care planning

Venice-based Marrelli and Associates has developed an app that allows clinicians to create and share care plans for patients living at home.

The coronavirus crisis has brought into sharper relief the work nurses and other health care workers do on a daily basis to care for patients.

But some crucial work in health care nurses do remains behind the scenes. Tina Marrelli, a registered nurse and president of Venice-based Marrelli and Associates Inc., for example, recently created an app that helps clinicians care for patients. The Home Health Care Planning App is a tool for nurses, therapists, social workers and other practicing clinicians to create care plans for patients living at home.

“I’ve been in the home care and hospice at home space for many years,” Marrelli tells Coffee Talk. “I thought there had to be easier way to care plan.” 

In creating the app, Marrelli, who has written more than 10 books, including the “Handbook of Home Health Standards,” harnessed decades of experience in the industry along with experience from building two previous apps and insights from other nurses and clinicians. The result, the Home Health Care Planning App, is available to download on Apple and android devices for $4.99. A monthly subscription option provides access to a library of standard care plans for an additional $4.99.

The app allows several members of a team to access a care plan for an individual. It also includes outcomes, goals and interventions as well as the ability to copy care plans and modify them for new patients.

Amid the pandemic, Marrelli says infection control and prevention is more important than ever, but the fundamentals of caring for patients remain the same. The app, she says, helps clinicians record answers to key questions like, “Why are we there?” “What are the patient’s goals?” and “How are we going to help them on that path?”

To develop the app, Marrelli and Associates worked with nurses and therapists who served as expert reviewers, examining the app and offering suggestions for improvement. Company officials also used experience gained through the creation of two previous apps — Red Book Hospice Care Planning and Care Planning Made Easy. Marrelli and Associates CFO Bill Glass says the process of building the hospice app, for instance, helped the firm learn lessons that were useful for developing the home health care app in a more effective way. He says, “The bottom line is to improve care.”

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