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Business Observer Friday, May 6, 2016 4 years ago

Letter to the Editor

Where is our decorum?

Where is our decorum?

Dear Editor,
In your April 29 edition, you again featured the Tampa Bay business owners get together where they talk about hardships/failures/etc. in an effort to benefit each other as they aspire.
A notable effort, without a doubt — we have all been there.

I am not a millennial and I am sure open to criticism for not being “with it,” “modern,” “progressive,” and whatever other adjective is used to indicate those that are riding the wave of the current times.

However, the name of the organization, and how freely the term it espouses is used in the article in the Business Observer, is troubling.

Where is our decorum?

I can see the millennials' comeback — just don't read the article and, for sure, you don't understand or don't fit in with the new business environment, and so forth. Come on, folks — have we really degenerated to a reality series world and level of business speak?

Ronald Inge
Inge and Associates, Fort Myers

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