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Business Observer Friday, Oct. 31, 2003 15 years ago

Free Press (Sara/Mana Edition)

This week's items: AXA Advisors LLC expands office networkSarasota Memorial listed on Money's best listSarasota County CED wins award from Space Alliance program

Free Press (Sara/Mana Edition)

AXA Advisors LLC

expands office network

New York City's AXA Advisors LLC plans to unify and expand its Central Florida operations, creating a network that includes offices in Tampa, Orlando, Sarasota, Clearwater, Largo, Sebring and Celebration - an alignment involving more than 100 financial services professionals throughout the region.

AXA Advisors Executive Vice President Carmine Lacognata, who leads the Tampa office, says that creating one central Florida operation matches the demographic and geographic shifts occurring in the region.

"The growth trends in Tampa and Orlando are turning these two previously distinct cities into a singular and thriving market area," says Lacognata. "AXA's expansion plan enables us to better cover the entire Central Florida region, and capture an extremely strong demographic for our business. ¦ Our company will be operating on a greater economy of scale."

Sarasota Memorial

listed on Money's best list

Money Magazine named Sarasota Memorial one of the nation's top hospitals for the treatment of congestive heart failure and heart attacks, and for interventional cardiology procedures.

Sarasota Memorial is listed in Money Magazine's Fall 2003 Special Report, "The Best Healthcare for Your Family," which names the top hospitals for 20 common medical conditions. The list includes top-rated facilities in five regions that handle the most cases according to HealthGrades, a health care quality ratings, information and advisory services company. HealthGrades conducts extensive research and rates the performance of near every U.S. hospital that practices cardiac surgery, cardiology and vascular surgery.

Sarasota Memorial's Heart Failure Center, the first of its kind in the region, won a 2001 VHA Leadership Award for Clinical Effectiveness.

Speedcom converts $672,000

interest into common stock

Sarasota's SPEEDCOM Wireless Corp., a fixed-wireless broadband solutions provider, announced it will convert $672,000 worth of promissory notes to common stock. An institutional holder of promissory notes with principal and accrued interest totaling $672,000 due in December has agreed to convert at $0.12 per share, into about 5,601,000 shares of restricted common stock.

Sarasota County CED wins award

from Space Alliance program

The Sarasota County Committee for Economic Development received the 2002-2003 Award of Excellence from the Space Alliance Technology Outreach Program (SATOP) at the group's annual meeting held at the Kennedy Space Center. SATOP helps Florida businesses solve difficult engineering problems by providing expertise from NASA and its contractors such as Boeing and Lockheed Martin. Sarasota County businesses that have used the program include Sunguard Shade Structures and The Winsulator. SATOP contracts with an organization in each Florida county to inform businesses about the assistance program. The Award of Excellence goes to the best overall performing organization among SATOP's network of partners.

"They evaluated business success stories, our track record in making company visits, the requests for assistance generated from our area," said Joan McGill, existing business manager for the Sarasota County Committee for Economic Development.

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