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Business Observer Friday, Jan. 25, 2019 1 year ago

Finding kitchens for ugly food

New company specializes in reducing food waste by delivering less-than-perfect looking produce to Southwest Florida customers.

Ugly produce needs love, too, and one new company aims to help reduce food waste by helping plain plantains and repugnant rhubarb find a home.

The business, Krazykrops, delivers produce rejected by retailers for cosmetic reasons to customers in select Southwest Florida locations. The company already has expansion plans to cover most of the region and to add 100% organic selections in the future.

“Food waste is against the grain of who I am,” Krazykrops owner Melissa Bazley, a native of Peru, says in a statement. “Food waste doesn’t just occur on the farm. It occurs on all levels of the food supply chain, which many people are not aware of.” 

The mission of Krazykrops is to reduce the waste of quality produce simply because of its appearance; help sustain local farmers who have no outlet for their produce; and provide consumers with quality produce at affordable prices. 

“If you have ever grown a garden, you know there is no such a thing as perfection,” says Bazley. “Billions of pounds of produce get wasted every year because they are not the right color, shape, size or have minor scarring. We are here to change that.”

Krazykrops is accepting subscribers for weekly, biweekly or periodic produce box service. Subscriptions can be submitted through the website at

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