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Coffee Talk
Business Observer Wednesday, Jul. 8, 2020 2 years ago

Company doubles its space, increases technology

Metro Forecasting plans for more growth.

One of the leading Southwest Florida companies that projects intricate growth patterns for developers and others in real estate is growing itself.

The company, Bonita Springs-based Metro Forecasting Models, recently moved into a new office condo nearly twice the size of its previous office. The new space was an empty shell, and the company bought it to both improve its current capabilities and prepare for future growth.

On the former, the new workspace was customized with the latest technology, including LED lighting, an enhanced data room and separate Internet connections in each employee office. The internet connections include 84 feet of Cat6 Ethernet cables, the most powerful available. “I don’t want to be hamstrung,” says David Farmer, a principal with the firm, when there are outages or other issues.  

The company spent about $250,000 on the office and build out, which also includes sound proof installation for each internal office. “We need to provide a space for our employees to work where they can concentrate,” Farmer tells coffee Talk.

On the size, the new office provides ample space for the five current Metro Forecasting employees, while leaving room for employee No. 6, who starts soon, and two possibly projected new hires. The space can also to house the company’s robust intern program, which is on hiatus due to the coronavirus. “These new facilities provide adequate workspace to further grow if we need to,” Farmer says.

The need for more space stems from the company’s steady growth of new clients, spread across Alabama, Florida and Louisiana. The firm’s state-of-the-art data models, along with its attention to detail in counting every home, hotel room and more for each project, has won it continuous word of mouth work over three decades. Farmer co-founded the business with Paul Van Buskirk, now chairman.

“We look at all sorts of detailed data,” says Farmer, “and our clients appreciate the efforts we go to.”

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