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Business Observer Friday, Dec. 17, 2010 8 years ago

Collier lowers impact fees

Library and general government impact fee rates are being reduced.

NAPLES — The Collier County Commission approved further reductions to its impact fees earlier this week. Both the county's library fee and its general government buildings fee will be lowered.

Library impact fees, which are assessed on new residential construction only, were dropped roughly 50%, depending on the land use category. The builder of a 2,000 square-foot single-family home would now owe $316.95 in library fees, rather than $583.19, a 46% cut.

General government buildings fees are being lowered by roughly 20%, depending on land use. The homebuilder in the aforementioned case would owe $777.00, rather than $949.89, in building fees, an 18% drop. A commercial builder would owe $9,760 on a 10,000-square foot retail building, down from $14,583.60, a 33% reduction.

“Impact fees were used to support growth-related infrastructure — such as roads, water and sewer facilities, parks, libraries and EMS stations — but with land and construction costs in decline, it's only fair for these fees to now be reduced,” said Collier County Commission Chairman Fred Coyle.

This week's print edition of the Business Review contains a feature story on how impact fees are being reduced throughout the Gulf Coast.

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