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Business Observer Monday, Oct. 11, 2021 11 months ago

California company franchise brings the heat to the area

Early next year, a Sarasota-based husband-and-wife duo will open an infrared sauna in Lakewood Ranch to bring healing to the community.
by: Amanda Postma Sarasota-Manatee Editor

As if Florida wasn’t already hot enough, one infrared sauna studio is on its way to making it even hotter. Many might think the state is a sauna itself —but this franchise business couldn’t disagree more. 

Perspire Sauna Studio Co. is set to open an infrared sauna studio in the Sarasota-Bradenton market by early 2022. Franciska Bray, one of the franchise owners, tells Coffee Talks the sauna should be open sometime around the end of February or early March. 

The franchise, based in Costa Mesa, California, continues to grow nationwide, with 19 locations already open and two more set to open by the end of 2021. There are two franchise locations in the Orlando area. 

Master-planned community Lakewood Ranch will be the home for the first Perspire in the area, through Gavin and Franciska Bray. The move came after the husband-and-wife duo became members of another studio in California and thought the concept would be spot-on in the Sunshine State. 

“Lakewood Ranch is a great place for health-related businesses,” says Franciska. The studio will feature Perspire’s first-of-its-kind infrared technology and color light therapy. 

As for the sweaty nature of the business, the business owners aren’t concerned about the state’s heat affecting business. “There’s a huge difference between standing on the street sweating and a Perspire sweat,” says Franciska. “Standing on the street is not a clean sweat. Perspire heats you up from the inside.” 

The sauna studio calls this the detoxification process. In order to let the process finish, the studio recommends guests don’t shower for at least an hour afterward. Franciska says the sauna is designed for recovery after a hard workout, helpful for injuries, helps treat autoimmune diseases and assists with sleep and weight loss. 

Once open, the studio will offer different packages based on the number of times a customer will visit. So far, the feedback from the community has been positive, says Franciska. The Sarasota-based couple hope to open two additional locations, depending on the success of the Lakewood Ranch studio. 

Florida isn’t the only sweaty state the California company is targeting. The company is actively pursuing locations in California, Texas, Washington and Illinois. It began franchising in 2018 after operating three studios in California for eight years. The brand features advanced sauna technology, along with its medical-grade and high-intensity red light therapy bar. 

“I feel very proud to bring infrared sauna therapy to the booming community of Lakewood Ranch and look forward to making people feel healthier and happier," says Gavin in a press release.  "There’s something for everyone here at Perspire, no matter what their health goals are.”


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