Broker of the Year: Overview

Aug. 29, 2003

David Conn knows it. Barry Seidel certainly does. And so does David Stevens. These commercial real estate brokers know success comes from more than customer service. It comes from superior customer service. All three excelled last year, in a year full of challenges.

That's why the Gulf Coast Business Review picked Conn as its 2003 Commercial Real Estate Broker of the Year and Seidel and Stevens as runner-ups. Conn, Seidel and Stevens quickly emerged from a list of about 50 nominees recommended to the Review. It was a tough choice to make. There were many other qualified nominees and we're sure there are many more whose names didn't make our list. We hope to hear about them next year.

The Review based its decision on several criteria, including annual sales production, participation in large or unusual deals and work within the community. Each of these brokers represents the best of the commercial real estate industry, with Conn primarily representing customers in Pinellas and Hillsborough counties, Seidel serving Manatee and Sarasota counties and Stevens focusing on Collier and Lee counties. Each has amassed years of experience and knowledge in their specific markets. Each also has established a solid reputation among their peers.