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Business Observer Friday, Jan. 9, 2004 18 years ago


Partner Law office of Edwards & SellsBusiness Profile: Sells' practice focuses on real property issues. On the litigation side, she represents property owners throughout Florida in landlord/tenant matters


Partner Law office of Edwards & Sells PA


Business Profile: Sells' practice focuses on real property issues. On the litigation side, she represents property owners throughout Florida in landlord/tenant matters, mobile home law issues, homeowners' association law matters and actions to quiet title. On the transactional side, she represents buyers and sellers of residential and commercial real estate. Prior to joining Sheryl Edwards' practice in Sarasota, Sells was an assistant state attorney in the 12th Judicial Circuit.

On becoming a lawyer: "As cheesy as it may sound, I always knew I would be an attorney. My family is full of them, and I am a fifth generation law school graduate. Plus, my dad ingrained it in me since I was a little girl."

Biggest professional challenge: "Convincing our clients to make fiscally sound legal decisions and not respond to the situation based solely on emotions or principles."

Hours worked per week: 45-60, depending on the week and her court schedule.

Professional involvements: Along with her memberships in the Florida, Massachusetts and Sarasota bar associations, Sells is president of the Sarasota Chapter of the Florida Association for Women Lawyers, of which she has been a board member since 2001. She is also a member of the prestigious John M. Scheb American Inn of Court in Sarasota.

Influential Mentor: Lee Williams, Sells' adviser for sixth through ninth grade. "She played an important role at a pivotal time in my life. She treated me as a young adult, and was always willing to listen, advise and constructively criticize. She still is an inspiration, no matter what, she was always there with a smile and a warm hug."

Long-term goals: "To continue to strive, learn and better myself as an attorney and a person. To one day have a family."

On her Generation: "My generation has a strong work ethic and realizes the importance of self-satisfaction. We are philanthropic and not self-consumed. My generation does, however, have an expectation of instant gratification which at times can lead to impatience, self-disappointment and a if-I-can't-have-it-now, I-don't-want-it attitude."

Personal motto: "Tomorrow has to be a better day."

- Kendall Jones


Age: 29

Birthplace: Norwood, Mass.

Childhood: Sells grew up just west of Boston, which she says gave her a conservative foundation and exposure to many different people. "I spent my summers on my grandparents' farm in Ashland, Neb., which gave me an appreciation of a different way of life."

Parents: Her father owns and operate an advertising and sales company. Her mother was a stay-at-home mom until her freshman year of college; she now works as director of development for a small New England private school.

Birth order: Oldest of two, with a younger brother.

Current residence: Sarasota

Marital Status: Single

Education: Undergraduate degree from University of Florida, 1997; law degree from Suffolk University Law School, Boston, 2000.

Favorite Web site: Orbitz -"with family and friends spread out all over, plus my mother thinks I am her personal travel agent."

Stress Relief: Spending time with friends and family, working out, reading, traveling and shopping.

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